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St Cuthbert's C E Primary School
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Pateley Bridge
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Purple Mash is an award-winning website for nursery and primary school children. It enables children to explore and enhance their knowledgePurple Mash is an award-winning website for nursery and primary school children. It enables children to explore and enhance their knowledge


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At St Cuthbert's there are a number of different school committees. They are made up of children, staff and parents who help to organise events, activities and themed weeks for everyone to take part in. The committees we have at St Cuthbert's are:


Health and Safety CommitteeHealth and Safety CommitteePupil Health and Safety Committee

The H&S Committee meet approx. once per half term with Mrs Lumley to discuss H&S. The children learning about taking responsibility for themselves and others. They learn why we need to do the right thing and not put ourselves or others in danger. They learn about Risk Assessments and why they need to be done ie. So that we can still take place in activities as long as the risks have been assessed and it is deemed as safe as it possibly can be. The children take their role very seriously and they do report back to office if they see things that they think could be dangerous.

At the meetings we have discussed Fire Safety and why it is very important. The Annual H&S Inspection report is also discussed with the children and we even do our own walk around school to see what we can see that could be dangerous. It usually involves instruments that are left in a door way!

If any maintenance projects take place the children are involved in the process so that they feel they have made a difference to learning environment, it is also important that they can see results from their actions.

Worship CommitteeWorship CommitteeWorship Committee

Worship committee is a group of children who help & plan what we do in Collective Worship at school. It is made up of pupils from each year group from year 2 upwards. We enjoy sharing ideas about how we can improve our Collective Worship & services.




School Council

At St. Cuthbert's our School Council is made up of children from all year groups and allows the pupils to have a voice. We have meetings every half term where they bring new ideas and anything that they would like to report on behalf of their peers. They have been responsible for many changes in school including arranging tuck shop, Fairtrade, charity events and the ordering of new playground equipment.





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